Hilliker’s Ranch Fresh Eggs has been family owned and operated since 1942. Located in Lakeside, Hilliker’s produces cage-free, vegetarian eggs that are sold along with other goods at their storefront. Hilliker’s also sells to stores and restaurants around San Diego County. The ranch has 3 cage-free, state-of-the-art aviaries, each housing around 10,000 hens each. These barns are designed with their comfort and safety in mind.

At the ranch, we well eggs, milk, cheese, jam, and honey. We also sell our eggs to restaurants and grocery stores around San Diego County. Following the passing of Proposition 2 in 2008, we have been converting our barns to cage-free facilities and have 3 in operation currently. Outside of the farm, Hilliker’s is very involved in the community. The business has sponsored 4-H and FFA events, fairs, rodeos, and pageants.